just doFor the longest time, i have been contemplating starting my own blog albeit having favorites that i go through everyday. Until now it has been a consistent plethora of excuses ranging from “i don’t have clothes to show off” because am into fashion and it makes sense, to “oooh it’s alot of work and i don’t have time” then, i decided what the heck….it would not hurt to just up and do it, i mean, what is the worst that could happen? i have already learned alot with all the technological lingo going on i might just have to figure things out for myself as i go.

Seeing as my brain has too many tabs open at the same time well whatever comes to mind i shall post it. am a book fiend,self proclaimed stylist, white tee collector with an affinity for funny looking shoes, clothes, jewels and all things funny.So ladies and gentleman, prepare to be awed!


5 thoughts on “Excuses!


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