To Faux or not To Faux

style, statement

statement tee

Would you go to the above extremes just to own a prized Birkin bag?….yes?….no?….maybe? For me it would have to involve some strong drink and an extreme case of amnesia wherein i magically seem to own a bag with no recollection whatsoever of how it came to be in my possession. Plus my friends would be force-fed an oath not to breathe a word of it to anyone else!




Personally I own two Celine replicas or if you’d rather, faux Celines that i am very proud of. If and when i get financially blessed enough to buy the originals i might consider it but for now i shall faux with my head held high.

I like how they accessorize my simple outfits these statement bags. Which means you will not see me going shopping at the supermarket in sweats or headed to the gym with my darling Celine on my arm ร  la Kourtney Kardashian seen here .

You shall see me as below in all fauxing glory;

poseShowcasing them like a window display mannequin.

DSC04779Paired with my simple outfit.

pose3Letting you enjoy the view of the Mombasa Skyline…Ahem!

Speaking from a Budgeting viewpoint, I would advocate for fauxing…i mean…doesn’t it look as good and as Functional as the Original bag? It may have its shortcomings but it serves the same purpose. But If it’s engraved Seline Instead of Celine….well…Let’s just say you might be pushing it a tad bit too far honey.


4 thoughts on “To Faux or not To Faux

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  2. I love your shoes. Finally you have started blogging! Congratulations.:)
    Stumbled upon your blog in one of your comments on This is Ess.

  3. lol! you remind me of me and my faux chanel bag that I carry a lot! and shamelessly too! loove that bag in navy blue….?yeah love it


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