Time Traveller

timeThey say that once in a while you should spend time with someone younger than you are and other times with an older person. It is the only form of time travel that is available to humanity assuming that the real machines are currently under construction. The only catch is you don’t get the opportunity to visit your younger/older self.

Whoever gave that advice knew that you are supposed to learn something from either party, which ladies and gentlemen I found out a couple of days ago when… I opened the door for my neighbour with her 4-year-old son in tow.

As his mother was held up in a discussion with my mother, he followed me to the kitchen where I stood with a chopping board preparing a salad, there was some lettuce  which he proceeded to grab and rip through several leaves and put them in his mouth and chewed with such edible lust… I looked at him in utter shock, my eyes gouged out half expecting him to flash me the Vulcan salute and in a robotic voice say…..spockHe was not done, he got three other mouthfuls of lettuce and thanked me for it. In my mind I was already drafting a prayer to the Almighty begging for such a grateful kid with a knack for healthy food. But wait… it does not end there…he spotted some oranges and asked for those too, four of them which I cut into quarters and  I ate a piece from each orange while he consumed the rest. I would not have touched those oranges had he not been there and the salad I would have eaten half grunting about how bitter the lettuce was even with dressing on it.

Meanwhile while Mr. healthy was eating, My father came in from work and after seeing him the young neighbour asked me in a very nice coast accent and hushed tone “Yule ni mume wako?” (is that your husband?).

I told him that it was my dad, he then asked if we had chocolate,at that moment I realized he is not a superhuman being, he is just a kid after all. We did not have chocolate so he grabbed a mango and vocalized his preference for mangoes over oranges, am guessing that’s why he had four oranges all the while seeing the mangoes nestled close to them?

My neighbour then asked me to take him to the loo and as I helped him take of his shorts and lead him to the toilet he clung to me deathly afraid of falling in.

Anyway, after my little neighbour left I sat there having learnt a few things:-

a) I should eat more salad, it will not hurt to gobble up a few leaves once in a while and be one with the rabbits.

b) Oranges make you poop. They help in digestion.

c) Do not be afraid to ask questions however inappropriate they are at times.

d) It is OK to be vulnerable at times, the toilet will NOT turn into a vortex and swallow you whole but if you are not aware of that you can let the fact that your imagination has taken over and let your innermost fears come to light.

That said, I had fun hanging out with the little guy and look forward to him visiting again. But before he does, I will look for an aging soul and have him/her impart words of wisdom, some harsh truths, maybe a glimpse into the meaning of life or even an answer to the age-old question; what came first,the egg or the chicken?


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