For lack of a more involving project last weekend I decided to make over a necklace I wore here.

The necklace is originally in golden color and in my previous post I used blue nail polish to spruce it up a bit. This time I experimented with a different color nail polish. It is usually a fun activity and a validation… that those arts and crafts lessons in primary school have been applied in real life…eat that algebra!!!

Step 1: Get two types of nail polish, One should be heavier in consistency and some nail polish remover to make those edges neat if need be.This will enable you to use less polish instead of consuming a whole bottle. I got mine off the street hawkers who sell at KES 50/-  each.

Since I had already painted on the blue polish I did not have to go through the process of applying the heavier coat

Step 2: Apply the color of your choice over the heavy coat, In my case I used a B.O Nail Lacquer in glittery olive black color #48  just to see how it will look.


Make sure you are quick enough to not let it get smudgy which will end up ruining its appearance.


I was tempted to leave those two center bits all gold but I had already done that with the blue polish so I decided to paint the entire necklace.


Step 4: Use your nail polish remover to even out the edges if your hand was not that steady. When the nail polish is all dry you can apply a top coat to make it all shiny and smooth.

Finally, the end result…..




I think it looks like shiny pebbles strung together, It has certainly grown on me so I will rock it for a while. On the plus side I can change it to any other color I like, probably a neon pink or burgundy. This goes a long way in saving cash before I get enough to buy another necklace. I hope you get to try it, its fun and the satisfaction you get from  revamping it is priceless!



  1. the neck piece rilli looks cool…amazing how nail polish can make look fresh… i use nailpolish on belts,hairclips and i recentlytried it on an old bag i found its edges were worn so i used gold nail polish on it..


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