Battle of the Complexes


Whether you are light-skinned or dark-skinned, you will notice that most people have an inferiority/superiority complex vis-à-vis complexion.Am not usually that light-skinned but given the change in weather, make up,and the lighting I seem lighter than usual, and the other picture of a very flawless, chocolatey pot of beauty is my cousin Itsy. I love her skin!I noticed this during the past several months, having to live in the coastal part of the country, and usually making impromptu trips upcountry. Some of my friends after not having seen me for a while normally start a conversation with “OMG! you have become light!!!” to which I shamelessly reply with an enthusiastic “Thank you!”

There is something definitely wrong with that conversation starter, to begin with, glorification of reduction in melanin levels is crazy.

I got to thinking, is it that we see being light-skinned as preferably superior? does it make anyone less of a human being for having more melanin? because I can tell you exactly how a conversation will take a downward spiral if you started with something like” OMG you have become dark!” it usually does not sit well with people, I know because I have been in such a situation when my sister pointed out how dark I had become. Let’s just say,it was a culmination of side-eyes,frantic dashes to the bathroom mirror and constant validation from my mother!

I know alot of beautiful melanin endowed friends and compared to me, they have the most beautiful flawless skin, so succulent it would make the Sahara water up! Having dark skin means less skin problems, less acne, less susceptibility to skin cancer.

Next time someone actually compliments my light skin, a polite “oh!” will suffice. So think twice before you think of yourself as less beautiful simply because you have dark skin. If melanin were transferable I would borrow some.

Am sure you have all seen Lupita and maybe you have changed your mind about bleaching your skin to fit your idea of superiority! am glad she’s out there looking like a goddess and making you second guess your mental states like I have.

2013 BAFTA LA Jaguar Britannia Awards Presented by BBC America -

Have yourself a self loving future!


6 thoughts on “Battle of the Complexes

  1. I love this blog!!! This is the kinda of blog that makes you feel good on a Monday…. You are too real Faiza!

  2. I enjoyed this piece. People are so ignorant to the roots of this self-hate. Lupita is somewhat a beacon of hope for young girls who think that you have too have some 20-inch blonde Remy and light skin to be seen as beautiful!


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