Comfort meets Tailored


Am all about comfort and usually my go to outfit is the basic tee and jeans, I have too many pairs of jeans and one day I figured I needed a different combination just to break the monotony.Luckily, my childhood friend introduced me to her tailor and after much failed tailor relationships am glad to say I found THE ONE. In my fantasy land , am the designer/creative director and he executes those designs,well hello there Jean Paul Gaultier,Anna Sui,Chanel, Lanvin, I see you Maison Martin Margiela! Anyway, He is also glad that I give him a chance to experiment on new designs with my ever-changing style needs.

DSC04872I bought that book print kitenge and at first I was second guessing my print choices but it turned out to be pretty unique.


Those heels are the most comfortable ever!!! Still learning how to walk in them…am a flats kind of girl.

prints20140223_13185920140223_134154I will definitely invest in more tailored pants, there is only too many jeans you can wear. I love the fact that I still get to pair them with my t-shirts. It’s a good thing I don’t have to compromise too much comfort.


Hi-low tee:Kongowea market


Shoes: Random shop in Mombasa

Bracelet: Beauty Options

Sunglasses: Du Bois Lane Nrb


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