Hybrid Tendencies


As I pointed out in my last post, am a huge fan of agenda shopping. Not only does it help me to stay focused but it also keeps me from overspending. Most times when one goes looking for a specific item it is a relief when you find exactly what you wanted but other times you might not be as lucky. Such was the case when I went thrifting in Gikomba under the sweltering heat canvassing massive loads of clothing looking for a jumpsuit.

jumpsuit In my head the above was what I was expecting to find, needless to say that after an hour of searching as I was almost giving up,Lo and behold!  I found it amid other over-sized jumpsuits, I do not know what to call it but I can only describe it as a mixture between palazzo pants, dress and jumpsuit and I made off with the weird hybrid happy to have found something different. A case of serendipity!

hybridI went shopping with a friend and decided to dress it down and my custom-made brogues seemed a good match. Seeing as I was having a bad hair day, I diy-ed  a turban from a black scarf and it worked perfectly well and complemented the look. I will definitely be rocking the turban again!

hybrid20140309_135720I love the way it billows around me like a massive tent keeping me cool. On the downside, like all jumpsuits, peeing is a problem, so limit your liquid intake if you don’t want messy interruptions.

hybridIt did not originally have pockets so I took it to my tailor to add me some for structural and functional reasons.



Hybrid Jumpsuit: Gikomba

Brogues: Custom-made (Closet49)

Bag: Borrowed from Mom

Turban:DIY scarf

Sunglasses: Faux Karen Walker


4 thoughts on “Hybrid Tendencies

  1. I really love the hybrid jumpsuit. you wear it so well. I’ll definitely sew this for myself.!


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