The Mid Heel Trend

solesocietyFor most of us or rather me, the struggle is usually very real, walking on the streets is a source of entertainment for others when you look like you are walking on stilts or as my friend Pam would say, gully creeping. Those six-inch heels are meant for pros so if you haven’t practiced it might be time to start.

Recently, I read an article on Lucky Magazine here where celebrities and models gave advice on how to walk in heels. Well two common tips things stood out from their advice.

1.Confidence– This is essential not only when you are walking in heels but character-wise if you have confidence it is usually a good thing. So they get an A for that.

2.Try not to think about it– Ha! this is where they failed. How do you tell a rookie heel wearer  not to think about it? Like for real! OK….am trying to picture myself walking down the street in very nice 4/6 inch heels and in my head am all like “yeees…..this is it….clip clop clip clop…..oooh bunnies, flowers, burgers….woop!….tiramisu…world hunger….elections…..oh my!!! that guy is pretty hot! heeeey!…..did I forget to switch off the heater?…….am walking on sunshine…..OMG!!!!! that pavement does not look even and these shoes am wearing!!! OMG am going to trip.

Yes…Its an epic fail trying not to think about it….it is like telling a child not to touch the iron and guess what he will do next!

Thank God for Mid heels, Personally, they are the best thing since the pyramids, am normally a flats kind of girl but sometimes I need to dress up a bit. I don’t even care that am 5’3” and my legs don’t range from here to Timbuktu. These shoes look comfortable, practical and easy to style and when am walking in them guess what? I never have to think about it.

mid heelThey come in simple, classy, black and  strappy. I will definitely add them to my collection.

mid heels In a variety of nudes and neutrals. I like the Valentino rockstud better.

heelsIn different colors ,shapes and designs. The buckled one from sole society Julianne Hough collection is my favorite.

PicsArt_1395304559976And finally, the heel shapes can vary but as long as it is mid heel you can walk on! Locally, mid heels are easily found in all Bata shoe stores Countrywide.


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