Book Report

Most of those who know me know I love to read! I like a good book that I can get lost in,completely lost! A book that changes my life, a book that makes me scream in agitation when something goes wrong or elicits a couple of tears when something beautiful happens… In my alternate universe, my future husband proposes to me not with a huge diamond ring,well maybe that can come later,don’t judge me, but with a book that he is sure will change my life. The catch here being that he gets to read that book and if he knows me well enough, give it to me being one hundred percent sure that I will be awed by said book for the rest of my life!Soooo….take note MAN!

To_Kill_a_MockingbirdOh This book! It’s been a long time coming, It has been years of procrastination, references through

TV shows and movies and finally I just decided to download it on my eBook reader and disappear in the Maycomb  County circa 1930s. I met Atticus Finch a lawyer and ardent reader, his son Jem Finch, the ever so feisty Jean Louise Finch and their summer visiting friend Dill. All I can say is it was a good read, It made me realize that you never go wrong by doing the right thing,Society should never dictate your actions,Always do the right thing!. I went through the motions with that family, Their house help Calpurnia, Ms. Maudie, The trial, the racial aspects, Boo Radley, all of it. I particularly liked the way Atticus Finch raised his children, it was by no means as per the standards of the time, Mr. Atticus Finch disciplined his children without interfering with their personalities, he let them be them!

Favorite quote:“The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.”

Interesting reading tip: Read with a mental accent, If the story is set in Italy, try reading with an Italian accent, it will get more interesting I swear, especially the dialogue bits. For To Kill A Mockingbird, It was all country Y’all!

fault in our starsSo after To kill a mockingbird, I decided why not delve into something light to ease me into another enthralling read. Well, I was very wrong. John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars is by no means light. I had come across suggestions on Pinterest and I read somewhere that it involved teenagers, Let’s just say it was a perfect case of judging a book by its cover which for a seasoned reader is a huge no-no!

Since its movie adaptation is set out to be released soon I decided to read it anyways. I have had bad experiences of book turned movies before , case in point ” The Kite Runner” I read that book and it got me so emotional, I got lost in it! Khaleed Hosseini spoke to me. Then I came across it on TV one day and the book was clearly not done any justice. The characters did not evoke the intense emotions I had  when I flipped through the pages. It was a disappointment. It was as if someone popped a gooey balloon in my face!

Anyway, The fault in our stars involved cancer, Two teenagers, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters who had cancer and fell in love in the process. I ached as I read. Oh how love hurts, literally, watching the love of your life die knowing you might follow  soon. I cried people, and I rarely ever do but this made me shed some tears. They were funny too, so the humour was on point, Lots of sarcasm just to ease the reality of their condition. It also involved a book Hazel loved, An Imperial Affliction ,written by a psychologically traumatized author Peter Van Houten who wrote a book about a girl battling cancer who lived with her single mother then as the story nears its end the author left it hanging mid sentence which leaves a reader to decide the fate of the characters. Hazel Grace and Augustus decide to look for the author so he can give them answers. It’s essentially a good read. I would recommend it, bring your own handkerchief though, you might just cry! Am not sure if I will watch the movie Starring Shaileen Woodley but who knows maybe, just maybe!

Favorite quotes:

The world is not a wish granting factory.


  -“That’s the thing about pain, It demands to be felt.”



6 thoughts on “Book Report

  1. I read Harper Lee last year and true to your word it is not light….funny thing is that until about page 60-something I thought ‘Scout’ and her family were BLACK!!! Did you have the same experience or is it just me (and another person I know…hehehe). That is how lost I was…but it was a good read all in all!

  2. I downloaded most American classics last year but haven’t gotten round to reading them. The first one I must add onto my list I guess. Encourage others too read too, too many kids now have awful grammar. Thanks doll


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