Homage to Zamunda


I was flipping through TV recently, I came across the movie Coming to America and decided to re-watch it for the umpteenth time, I never get enough of the scene where Eddie Murphy(Prince Akeem) tells Vanessa Bell (Imani Izzi) to bark like a dog and she does so while hopping about, Totally Hilaarrr! The fashion sense of the Zamundans is quite interesting, all those, jewels, massive head wraps and prints and yards of fabric! Anyway, This post has little or nothing to do with Zamunda but the head wrap. I said something about rocking turbans again in my post Hybrid Tendencies.

20140406_135247[1]This Aztec/tribal print fabric I found while walking the streets of Mombasa last year, they were selling it as bed sheet! can you believe it? Bed sheet! The texture of the material itself is not Coast weather friendly for a bed sheet. Anyway, I bought it with other agendas in mind and took it to my tailor and the result was just as I had instructed.

20140406_134807[1]The turban was an attempt at print mixing and I liked the result. The solid red on the lips and feet added some bold color.

20140406_134659[1]20140406_134756[1]              Photos by Ciku

 Turban- Diy Scarf


Neck chain-Random shop in Nrb



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