The Modified Kaftan:DIY

kaftan, diySometimes I get bored with the norm, then I get visually creative…Ever get the feeling when you shop that you can’t get exactly what you were looking for? I had been on the search for a simple slip,well, not really but all I have to say is that Pinterest is the devil!!!ย  after numerous disappointingshopping sprees I had a light bulb moment when I watched my mom prancing around the house in one of her numerous (deras)kaftans! With its light, airy material it was exactly what I was looking for except that it was more of a dress than a slip-on! Most of them come in a myriad of patterns and colors but this animal print caught my eye and for KES 250/- I did not waste any time!

diy, kaftanNext, I took it to my tailor,I should learn how to sew, and explained what I wanted done and the next day Voila!!! It was actually longer so I had it shortened and asked him to add some hi-low flowy detail.diykaftan

20140511_130932diy kaftanThe beauty about this slip is you can pair it with pretty much anything, a bikini while on the beach,a simple maxi and some sandals, short shorts and a vest….the possibilities are endless!!!


7 thoughts on “The Modified Kaftan:DIY

  1. As you said pinterest is the devil. There’s one that looks like a cross between a waterfall sweater and what you have here. Can’t seem to get a proper tutorial
    Also it would help if you posted what you told your tailor for those of us not to scared of pricking our fingers


    • Duly noted Marura. Am glad u liked it. I basically asked the tailor to make a cut across th front and make a wavy pattern around the edges.i also told him to make the front higher than the back.


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