Angelina’s Leg

20140601_132233-1I think you all remember the comical uproar that Angelina Jolie’s leg caused during the 84th Academy awards. It inspired jokes and memes and the twitter community had a field day with it.I don’t know about you but I think her leg did look propped and the pose seemed premeditated likeshe had practiced all week on how she was going to poke that leg out like a hitch hiker willing that truck driver to grant her a ride to the next town. Anyway, Every time I put this skirt on it takes me back to that red carpet moment, with its wrap around design all I do is pray that the wind doesn’t blow it apart and expose what the good Lord gave me, well, and my momma too. Aside from that I like its versatility, I mostly dress it down with a simple tee but on this particular day the crop top added a bit of oomph and the all black combo made me feel invincible. Forgive my hair though…Transitioning is a bitch!20140601_132112I like my clothes unique you know like those that make you wonder out loud how do you wear that? is that the front or the back? With this skirt, it has extended “handles” that are meant to be tied into a fancy knot on the side which adds the illusion of  curves.



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