Like a Virgin: The make up edition

pinterest.comI decided to give my blog a make over, I like the simplicity of the neutral background. This goes to show that am not much of a make up enthusiast.  In fact, before last year, the only transformationI had had on my face dated back to the late 80’s when fresh from the hospital, all swaddled up in blankies, my mum drew a uni brow with a flowery detail on my forehead, reason being, like all mothers in the area, that it would wad off evil eyes…talk about a mother’s love!!! Just imagine a scepter wielding creature casting spells on my infant self….well I still have the uni brow baby pictures to prove it but that’s a story for another day.My plan is to age gracefully, you know, embrace my wrinkles, the effects of gravity, grey hairs when they appear, I used to frown upon caked up faces and pouty red lips but alas that is not the case anymore, I decided that there is nothing wrong with a little enhancement on your best features and making yourself presentable,though I kinda suck at application and have never tweezed or shaped my brows, I have been getting a few pointers thanks to Pinterest and YouTube tutorials. This is what I have learned so far:


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I hope I have helped any virgins lose their make up-ginity!Am still learning too and I  look forward to trying more tricks Ha! don’t forget to use protection(SPF),it’s very important and will save you alot of trouble in future. For the Experienced ones, Kindly give any simple ideas you might have,after all, sharing (ideas) is caring.


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