The Art of Layering

layeringIf we had the chance of experiencing the four seasons this side of the continent, my fave would definitely be winter, reason being, my love for layering knows no bounds. It’s a bummer the equator saw it fit to pass right across us and to make it even more annoying, I live at the coast! So you might ask yourself where I got the chance to practice my layering skills, well at about 12 yrs of age, my parents lovingly shipped me off to boarding school somewhere atop Mt. Kenya, I would get out of class and behind me the mountain would majestically offer a startling snow-capped background for 7 yrs of my life. I hated it at first but soon the need for survival gave way to a rather disturbing dress code consisting of  layers upon layers of t-shirts, uniform, sweaters and hooded jumpers.There was nothing fashionable about it. In fact, I would sometimes suffocate under the heap of layers. I got through it after all, eye of the tiger mentality and all!

The cold season for most part of the country usually comes around the months of June to August and the wardrobe calls for a change in order to keep warm, layering does not necessarily mean you have to compromise on style, it can be done with a touch of class. Some layering essentials include;

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Layering Hacks:

-Invest in colorful scarves to add a pop of color to the outfit.

-Accessories like necklaces and midi rings can also be layered on in keeping with the theme.

-Stray away from the ordinary monotone sweater and shop for graphic sweaters for a little layered edge.

-Put on a statement faux fur vest/coat for those cold nights out to elevate the outfit.

-Substitute scarves with polo neck tees/sweaters.

-Invest in heavy knits for the budget conscious. Coats tend to be much more expensive.

-Keep it simple such that if the temperatures rise you can transform your outfit by removing one piece.


Below is an example of a perfectly simple layered look. Keep stylishly warm people!!!



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