About this Trilogy Phenomenon

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For me reading is a form of escapism, I love to disappear into another dimension and feel a bunch of emotions all packed up in a mish mash of 26 letters. Sadly, am averse to trilogies, I don’t know what it is about them that makes me feel lazy and mentally blocked. Thank God for Hollywood and their insatiable appetite for creativity and adaptations.` When a book that has accumulated a certain buzz to it turns into a movie franchise I thank the almighty for saving me an agonizing few weeks of trying to squeeze 3 books into my already crammed brain.

Don’t get me wrong, I might be a tad lazy but the reason I prefer watching the movie first when it comes to trilogies is to add or quell the fire.

Well I watched the twilight movie when it first came out and I was like am not going to waste my fingertips turning pages,nope thank you! How long was that movie though? I might have flooded my seat drooling while I slept. Everybody was all Team Jacob and team Edward and I was team not gonna waste my time folk! It didn’t do anything for me, In short, I didn’t get any feels,my emotions were hunched up in a corner playing poker and sipping vodka!Even the actors were sans emotion! I mean really! But I heard it made millions so Kudos! At least someone benefited from it and the world got a little louder with the teenage screams. Oh! and Jacob’s abs were not bad either.

Fast forward, I came across the fifty shades trilogy, Sex does sell and I joined the masses of women in the graphic fantasy erotic novel, I finished those books in a record week, It was that serious! All I can say is there’s nothing as lethal as a combination of whips, chains, rich young man with every resource at his disposal trying to woo you weird fetishes aside! I loved the book! But the pooper came when I heard they were making a movie,May I point out that when you want to make a movie like this there needs to be a very careful,thoughtful criterion for choosing the lead actors because women have expectations! But those expectations were ruined when they came up with the cast. My insides curled up into a scrunchie. I was mad and disappointed. The lead actor lacks a certain oomph! no sex appeal no nothing! He does not look like a sweaty bottle of water in the middle of the Sahara, nope! And Dakota! really? Buuuut! Am not gonna judge just yet, I shall be patient and see what they have to offer, benefit of the doubt kind of thing.That doesn’t mean am holding my breath though.

Somewhere along came the hunger games, they put all their eggs in the basket that was the first movie in the trilogy, For a while I was contemplating making my own arrows and taking up hunting as a hobby! Katniss was on fire…Literally! Loved her! she was what I wanted to be when I grow down. Anyway, I didn’t like Josh Hutcherson as Peeta! I mean, Liam Hemsworth was there, as my girl Pam says “making a cameo”. Would it have been so bad to make Peeta the hunting buddy and Liam the Baker’s son? And don’t start saying oooh well one’s a better actor than the other because Well shut up! we are not here for talent, maybe a little! We want face and abs and we want them now!!! Can’t we be shallow for just a minute?

Catching fire was a huge belly flop on a shallow lake in the middle of winter. They shouldn’t have bothered the way I didn’t bother reading the books. I tried but Oh well! Snooze fest! I hope third time’s the charm.Maybe Mocking jay will be good.

Last but not the Least, the divergent Series. Can I start by saying first of all that I had been side eyeing this book for a moment deciding whether to read. Given my messy and complicated past with other trilogies, I decided to wait upon the movie. It debuted some months ago but when you live this side of the Sahara you might have to wait a while. I watched it a few weeks ago and I went on to download the books immediately!!! Bravo! Splendid work. Am on Insurgent now. The casting was wonderfully done, Shaileen Woodley(Tris) is cute,I’ve loved her ever since Secret life of an American Teenager, But Theo James!!!(Four) He is a Greek God sent from acting heaven. So hot! I mean have you seen his eyes and lips. We all know the series Golden boy series he starred in last year was a bore but he made every second bearable. The minute I saw him on divergent, I called my girls up and we fangirled all the way. The last time I did this was circa backstreet boys.We are still fangirling by the way! We have watched that movie for the umpteenth time and we still can’t get enough! Thank you Veronica Roth!!enhanced-buzz-17289-1395414151-9

I mean look at that Ladies, does he not give you nine lives, I would be Dauntless Asap! and divergent! 10 percent because am not a farmer and am not selfless or honest all the time.But 90% because……THEODORE!!! Some people think he’s not all that! we are all entitled to our opinions, but may I urge you to take off thy wooden spectacles, get some laser eye surgery after which I will personally carve the Stonehenge into park benches and urge y’all to have several seats and keep quite thank you very much!

I think Tris and Four would have made a fantastic Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel. He is weird enough and she is every bit as innocent looking. I demand a recast please!!


9 thoughts on “About this Trilogy Phenomenon

  1. hi Fauzia, this is totally unrelated to this post but I need your help.there’s a post you did earlier on and you featured a knockoff burberry bag you had. kindly tell me where you bought it from, help?

  2. Girl do not even begin yet you were the one who lent me Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…. It was the beginning of a literal joyride.
    That was an epic trilogy right there, but the movie ruined it for me so bad I went & bought the books. Best decision ever!!!
    BTW Fifty Shades is a trilogy??? Didn’t know that…


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