Those Sad Khakis


Let me introduce you to my Khakis,which I tried to dress up, you know, make them a little less drab. I loved that show,best friends forever starring Jessica St.Clair and Lennon Parham who are real life best friends. I think it’s so cool to have a show with your best friend, the madness that would go on is endless in my case. Anyway, there’s an episode where Jess after having moved to New York and nursing her heart-break goes shopping with Lennon and on the staircase they meet this sassy 8-year-old who tells her she won’t ever get a man if she keeps wearing those sad Khakis….I literally laughed.Funny how fate can be determined by your style choices! I love my khakis though! do I have a man?…(crickets)….well,that’s not the point here!

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I thrifted these saaad Khakis, and I love them…so comfortable,the waist is an elastic band and are pleated on the calf area too. I shall be looking for more!That man shall love me and my khakis dammit!!!!



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