DIY:Pep in my step

20140831_142431Channeling my inner child is usually one of my favorite things.Remember those art and crafts classes during primary school?They were fun! until we got to a point where practicals were a distant memory. You just learned about art from text books….The loopholes in our education system are beyond repair!

Anyway,other than it being fun, art in the form of diy is rather therapeutic for me.I had a headache before I started and by the time I was done it was gone! I guess being in the zone relaxes me. I got my old pair of brogues that were beat down from accumulated dust and decided to zhuzh them up, add a little character! The faux leather parts on the back were beginning to peel away. I like that the suede parts never fade!20140831_132941-All you need is some iridescent bedazzlers or sequins which cost KES 60/- and fabric glue.20140831_134704-After peeling off the worn leather, I brushed them and used a file to remove the mud and give the area a smooth texture. Next, create a distinct pattern by gluing on the bling in a shape that will allow filling in easy.20140831_135256Work your way through the bottom part while pressing on each individual shiny thingy to allow effective drying and preventing it from falling off.20140831_140940Make sure you densely stick on the bling to avoid unsightly patches showing.We can’t have that.For example my sister helped with the right shoe and I might have to redo it all over again.Too sparsely populated, I wanted China she was giving me Sahara.20140831_142300Ta Da! the end result ladies and gentlemen! The advantage is, if I ever get bored with the color I will get a different color bling and reincarnate them!



3 thoughts on “DIY:Pep in my step

  1. love them! loove this idea because sometimes its so hard to let go of worn out shoes cos you’re still soo attached


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