Stylish Brunching

brunchWhen the word brunch is brought up, what comes to mind is a culmination of good food, close friends, deep gossip, catching up and a heavy dose of laughter! You may be lucky enough to have that one friend that can host a good brunch and if you do I suggest you hold on to them so tight and never let them go. But for most, it’s brunching out, usually on a Sunday morning because chances of getting everyone together are highly likely. Plus if you are one to indulge in Saturday night shenanigans well then it may be perfect for that searing hangover.

I would delve into a soliloquy of the perfect brunch menu but that would last an eternity although scrambled eggs  atop an island of fluffy waffles with a slight drizzle of chocolate syrupy goodness, some bulby strawberries with a glass of thickly blended passion juice, a fillet of medium rare red snapper topped with low-heat sautéed garlic I mean my Gaaad! that’s a taste palette orgasm right there!!! The round worms in my tummy would be playing the harmonica!sex_and_the_city_brunch

That said, the focus today is on the style aspect. Brunching is an event! you just can’t go for brunch looking like a time capsule content from last night’s brawl at the watering hole, when you and your girl Daisy snatched some girl’s sew-in coz she refused to add “miss” to Daisy to signify her lady status! Keep it classy ladies but be mindful of the fact that your stomach might expand to accommodate all the delicacies. Here’s a few suggestions on brunching with style.

brunchA billowy maxi dress is perfect for a brunch outing, it is fluid and can hide any food induced bumps. Pair it with flat sandals and you are good to go.655e1b3b192688185859d2a1effa0447Palazzo pants are another comfortable option, the waist band says I am here and ready to partake in the feast. Pair with a simple top or tee for a dressed down effect.

583e7284af7b7313e31037ecc363194dA jumpsuit with an elastic band is heaven-sent in this situation, feel free to gobble up all the yummy goodness. You will feel like a beluga whale on the inside but look elegant as the jumpsuit will hide any flaws.

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wearThis A-line dress creates an aura of modern  royalty à la Kate Middleton. It’s structure portrays a lady like elegance.

86d28535d24d25e575d8df7f2d29e6e8For the daring and care free, go for a pair of shorts that will show off your legs. Pair the shorts with a simple blouse like above with a loose chignon to tie the whole look together.

Lastly and my all time fave, the shift dress! I love me a good shift dress paired with a simple pair of flats for a comfy feel.

You may think that dressing up for brunch is a herculean task and maybe not worth it but most of all keep in mind that;brunch

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