Gone girl

fireHas it been that long? I guess so…am not one for excuses but I will cut myself some slack and say, life happened mayyyyne! the past few months trudged on while covering me in debris consisting of paper work,multitasking,late hours,early mornings,less food,more dark circles and covering for a pregnant colleague, it was a boy! congratulations! and being the fashionista that I am I have to say it’s harder shopping for boys than girls.We have it easy, there is variety and you can go into a store and say I want that in every color but for guys daaaamn! In short, my colleague has a difficult job trying to dress that little boy but she tries!

Everyone goes through a period where they try to recollect some moments and all they get is a blur but worse is when you end up feeling uninspired too. It’s an overwhelming feeling. Usually I know am uninspired when I can’t pick up a book to read. It happened after I decided to download Gillian Flynn’s gone girl to read and then ended up watching the movie first. It was a great movie, was Rosamund Pike cray or Crrrraaaayyy!?I think she epitomized that all too well! I mean my Gaaahd! a freakin’ wine bottle up your vagina? I mean c’mon!Psycho much?I loved iiit! but I think most can agree with me that the book is always better because…details! I would have preferred to be buried into my eBook and come up for air a few hundred pages later but oh well!

Blog wise, all I can say is, the struggle of not having a photographer is all too real! I like editing photos but that would require having the photos first. Ugh! too much!

Anyway, enough of the excuses! am over it, I need a detox,tonnes of creativity and ideas,maybe change the direction of content then regroup and get active! Am not one for resolutions coz we all know too well how only one gets accomplished.It’s a vicious cycle that I don’t have the energy for. When all is said and done, maybe I needed the chaos to realize that I was getting derailed. When you see chaos tell her I said Thank you!


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