Fotor_142303616587135.jpg2….I’ve been into neutrals and the whole minimalist look….decided to clean out my closet make it fuss free, focus on the basics, with more whites, greys,blacks,nudes. Am finding it is of the essence to invest in quality, things I can wear over and over and over and maybe eventually pass them on to my kids. The whole neutrals thing has also trickled down into natural look make up, nude lipstick, brown and earthy eyeshadow. I guess it comes with the whole getting older issue, more put together less flamboyant and the good thing is….it’s easier to accessorize, think statement bags,shoes rings and necklaces, red lip, mirrored sunglasses, cuff earrings, matte manicure or even statement hair. Got these nude snake-skin slip ons during the Jumia Kenya black Friday sale November last year for cheap!!! My pockets didn’t even wince!They literally go with everything, and the quality is amazing!!! I think they are still available. You can check here or here for another option.

In my head this is how I would put that outfit together,maybe I will do an outfit post some other time.collage


4 thoughts on “LATELY…

  1. it’s long since i came here and what a coincidence that I’m in the same stage of my style journey as you are- the neutrals and basics. I’m now just shopping for simple pieces in black, white ,red and grey. for me it has been inspired by Shirley from .her style is pretty much like yours…


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