teeLet’s talk about wardrobe staples, in this instance the basic tees, there’s the white tee which everybody should own, the graphic tee of which there’s an endless abundance, the striped tee which can make a pair of jeans look oh so chic and finally the statement tee which is so out there with its graphic prints and/or colors that require the rest of the outfit to be muted so it can stand out.

Found this atmosphere statement boyfriend tee on one on my thrifting escapades and immediately fell head over heels with it. From the minute I grabbed it my eyes lit up and I was in an imaginary grassy field wherein the rosy tee and I were running towards each other in deliberate slow motion and finally locked in an everlasting embrace….sigh….love stories are made of these.IMG_0527.JPGaIMG_0595.JPG2Paired them with white jeans and these black low courts which am still learning how to walk in.I think anything above 2.5 inches is a struggle for me.IMG_0591.JPG2Forgive the hair, this coastal humidity sucks the life out of your fabulosity dreams.One minute I was looking editorial ready and the next WOMP! limp and lifeless! but the show had to go on!IMG_0520.JPG2IMG_0587IMG_0607IMG_0566IMG_0533.JPG3These mirrored sunnies are life giving.I decree that everyone should cop a pair!!


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