IMG_0841.JPG1.jpg3Perfect little bun, toes en pointe, bodacious tulle skirt over a nude colored onesie or would you rather perfect Manolo Blahniks, pink tulle skirt, a fur stole and a limo ride with Mr. Big. Whatever your word association is when it comes to  tulle mine is the polar opposite. The hair is messy, the top cropped and baggy and the shoes well, they were on then they were off. You can call me hood ballerina. I won’t be the one doing 360 degree pirouettes. No ma’am! Although I have actually harbored dreams of being elegant! and have you seen the bodies of those ballerinas, talk about sculpted and flexible.And of course I thrifted everything for less than KES300. coz am a bawse like that. I kinda like that the skirt is midi length coz i don’t like showing my legs.IMG_0916.JPG2IMG_0842.JPG1.jpg2IMG_0900.JPG1IMG_0895.JPG1



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