IMG_0703It’s been a while since I did a good ol’ book review which is a shame coz I love to read. Which brings me to the point where I unearth a good excuse…I just don’t get the time which saddens me greatly. You know you are in the dirty deeps when you can no longer do the things you love! insert dramatic sigh In light of the life and lemonade philosophy I have found a somewhat temporary solution to my predicament….Anthologies!!! or in layman’s terms, short stories novel. I have always entertained the thought of writing a book, Not a novel! I tend to get bored easily reading or writing endless prose. So I said to myself that maybe one day I will put together an anthology of short stories partly based on my life and weird observations I have had over time.

Anyway, I found this anthology with an interesting title and the cover just drew me into a cornucopia of wants and needs of ending my reader’s enthusiasm slump. The logic was I would be able to read one story in 10 minutes which would quench my insatiable thirst for a good read. This particular metaphorical lemonade ended up setting me back a whooping Kshs.40 which is a very very good deal considering it’s condition,very new but with old book smell which is divine, and the short stories were perfect.

The title of the book sums up its contents. The short stories basically have a theme based on love either for someone or something. My three favorite stories in the book are;

The Adventure of a crook: Basically a  criminal by the name of Gim is running away from the cops, In his quest for a place to hide he decides to visit his regular prostitute Armanda for a hideout for the night. Thing is, Armanda despite her profession is married to Lilin. But that’s not even the weird part. When Gim knocks and asks to spend the night, Armanda shoos her husband out of bed to the sofa so that Gim can get into bed with her and get this, her husband agrees!!!! Difficult love I tell you! That’s not even the half of it! When Armanda and Gim are in bed, the sergeant who’s been after Gim comes a-knocking knowing that Gim might be hiding there. In the end, Gim has to go hiding in the toilet, the sergeant gets into bed with Armanda and Lilin is left at the sofa.Let’s just say, Gim got caught and Lilin was left snoring on the sofa for a while but he got to sleep in bed with his wife eventually.

The adventure of a near-sighted man: A story about a man who had to get glasses for his failing sight. The new glasses makes him see life and people in a whole new light and perspective. A while after his new make over he gets a chance to go back to his hometown on a work assignment donning his new glasses but people in his town no longer recognize him. When he takes off his glasses he can’t see clearly but his old friends wave and say hi on the streets when he puts them on, people he used to know don’t wave back when He greets them. So he stays on the street pavements walking around looking for his old girlfriend/crush one Isa Maria Bietti but alas she doesn’t recognize him when she passes by him.That’s when he realizes he lost everything by regaining his ability to see clearly. His friends and old acquaintances don’t know him anymore and most of all Even ISA MARIA BIETTI!

The adventure of a married couple: A man and his wife work in the same factory,how sweet right?? noooot! The man works in the night shift and his wife the day shift. They never get to spend quality time with each other which is kinda sad.No kids were mentioned and you can figure out why. anyway, the only time they see each other when they get home before their respective reporting times.The Husband comes in the morning and makes coffee for his wife who is quickly getting ready for work they kiss on the cheek and she leaves. The husband then gets into his side of the bed but since its cold he seeks out his wife’s side which is warm from having been slept in the whole night and her pillow smells of her perfume which reminds him of her. In the evening the wife returns, they talk and have dinner before the husband leaves, she gets into bed, slides a leg to her husband’s side of the bed but realizes it’s warmer on her side and she would fall asleep content knowing her husband had sought her even when she wasn’t there.

And I wept! Love stories are made of these.




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