Pennies &Pinstripes

IMG_1129.JPGaLet me tell you about the longest surviving item on my wish list, it has stood the test of time style and trends. I wanted it so bad that I would have dreams of me pairing it with several items in my ever-changing wardrobe. These penny loafers. They may not be the original pennies which cost an arm and a leg but am all for imitations that stay close to the original design. Got these at jumiakenya here. When I first saw them I just had to have them and let me tell you! they are Oh so comfy and shiny , they fit true to size and the quality is top-notch!!!!! It was worth the wait.They make you look so put together like preppy and minimal. They look amazing in jeans, skirts,tailored pants just perfection.IMG_1045.JPGa

Paired the loafers with a white men’s tuxedo shirt that I thrifted mainly because it was the right kind of crispy white I was looking for.It was a kid’s size but I had to cut its size a bit. Must have been some buff kids those ones.IMG_1126.JPGaIMG_1168.JPGaThese pinstripe pants I got at Mr.Price for Kshs.200 marked down from Kshs2100. I would never have paid full price for these coz the quality was just bad but the tailoring was perfection so thank God they were on sale.IMG_1109.JPGa



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