Spotlight: Youtube (the 5 favorites)

youtube-logo ( you are a frequent YouTube visitor like me and are interested in style,beauty or hair, by now you have your go to Vloggers that you have subscribed to. It’s usually a warm feeling when you get that email notification that so and so has a new video up. My favorites kind of videos are haul videos, be it thrifted hauls or brand store chain hauls, whenever I see the names Primark, Selfridges, Zara,Forever21, Asos, Misguided, ShoeDazzle, JustFab I make a beeline for those videos. Their stuff is amazing. I would be a shopaholic If we had some of these stores here. It used to be just clicking on a video for the fun of it but nowadays I pay more attention to other things like the editing,Camera used, Editing software,creativity,content, music which goes to show the effort put in creating these videos. It’s big business for them, For a bunch of them its a career but am glad I can be entertained and inspired by their efforts. Lucky enough, there’s no Zara/forever21 stores here coz I’d be broke.

I put a list for some of my favorites that I have subscribed to,Am sure a majority of you if not all are your favorites too; BeautyCrush:With 1.5m plus subscribers, Sammi started making YouTube videos back in 2009.If you ask me that’s dedication. Being a fashion graduate she has found her niche making style videos, haul videos,make-up, home decor videos. I love her! Her videos are clean,minimal,informative and creative. Most of all, her bubbly personality shines through.She has come a long way for sure. Dabbling in both Blogging and vlogging is no easy feat.And did I mention her accent! Ugh! heavenly!! Once she starts talking I don’t press Pause. Most recently she has launched a clothing line Novem&Knight with her boyfriend Jason. Now that’s a success story.(Photo via


Clothesencounters: Jenn Im has her editing mastered.I think all her 1.3m subscribers can attest to that. Let’s not mention her taste in music make her videos all the more interesting. She can ramble on for an hour and I’d still be rooted to the spot listening.Her style videos are very creative pairing clothes in a way that makes you want to do it too however unusual. Her travel vlogs are some of the best videos she makes. I usually cannot wait to see her next adventure to places I can only dream of going. And how she usually stays in the swankiest hotels is fascinating and the food she eats!!!She makes beans and eggs look so appetizing.Love her!! (image via

Shirley B. Eniang: The definition of classy elegance!Beauty and brains combined. Who doesn’t know Miss Shirley?If you don’t then I suggest you get a heavy dose of her. She puts my wardrobe to shame. Very sophisticated and put together! She makes me want to move to London, rent a flat and shop everyday! She’s best known for killer Look books and she makes a pencil skirt and nude Louboutins look extremely good on someone else other than Kim K. Shirley dreams perfect style dreams for us. I like how she randomly drops in a Naija accent in the middle of the video. (Photo via

Inthefrow: I only discovered Victoria of Inthefrow blog and YouTube channel about a month ago. Don’t let the purple hair fool you.This dame right here has a PhD in mobile fashion App and design and has been a fashion lecturer in Manchester before she moved to London.She has grown on me because her style is pure envy.I would rob her in broad daylight and leave her with a scarf only. Her style is a mix of tomboy with her collection of jeans and chic given her multiple dresses. What I especially like about her videos is that she takes time to explain the design of the clothing right down to the shapes,silhouettes and cuts. Her fashion vocabulary is on a hundred. Which is very important for a style vlogger especially since you will be working with highly respectable brands. It’s not helpful when a style vlogger starts explaining that her top has this thingy hanging from the neck. Victoria Isn’t one of those. She will school you on a couple of terms. (photo via Bright: I love me some Patricia! Her bubbly personality makes my days! and I love it when she asks her viewers to grab a cuppa coz it’s gonna be a long video. I have seen as her style and make up evolve.She is a brave one for quitting her job to do YouTube full-time. a girl can dream,I wish I would too. Her haul and skin care videos are what she’s known for but she also diversifies into fitness,travel and girl talks. (Photo via


5 thoughts on “Spotlight: Youtube (the 5 favorites)

  1. Okay, first things first, I think you’re my first fave blog on wordpress… congratulations… haha. Two: I Love Love Love Shirley! Also, The Brights: Patricia & Mike. Life right there.
    Not to burst your ‘no spending’ bubble but Forever 21 would be an exact Mr. Price if it were here. Been to it and it’s the same concept: Cheap, fashion trendy things that will prob rip in a month. You’re welcome :).

  2. Oh gosh oh gosh, I subscribe to all of these guys too! ( except inthefrow) I’ll have to check her out. I am also subscribed to Joy kendi of OSK. I think her’s could grow to be something awesome.

  3. I love Inthefrow !!! She’s so stunning,sophisticated and brainy. I find her makeup tutorials amazing and I can watch the same makeup tutorials over and over again.


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