Let’s get Liquid!

Fotor_143124559896128.jpg1 Cue music…..I been draynkin’, I been draynkiiiiiiin’….Let’s talk about an alternative way of ingesting those vitamins aka juicing. Am not one for veggies believe me I have tried going green but no thanks! too much work and if I don’t get my dose of protein I go mad. So I made a trip round the Internets and found some recipes but most times I just mix and match ingredients that work for me. For example, over the weekend I made a trip to the supermarket and gathered some ingredients for some juice I thought up. Here’s the recipe which I christened “Celerina” riiiight? pretty cool huh? and I hope you can tell it’s coz it had celery in it so here goes:



-Several celery sticks.

-half green apple.

-slice of watermelon (do not remove the seeds,they have their own nutritional benefits)

-Half orange(Squeezed)

-Quarter inch slice of Ginger(for the kick)

Put everything in a blender,add half a glass of water and power on! The end result is that glass up there.

When I want to switch it up I usually make smoothies most times without milk and OMG! they are really good. My favorite recipes include:

The milk date smoothie-ย  1cup Milk+half cup dates (without seeds of course) blended together.

Mango green tea smoothie- chopped mango, 1 cup green tea+ginger.

Banana spinach smoothie-1 banana,spinach,mango(optional),honey,water+ginger.

Have a juicy week!



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