minimalistYou have heard it all, college student starter pack,immigrant starter pack,toddler starter pack,vegan starter pack, hood rat starter pack, the I just dropped a mix tape starter pack, the independent woman starter pack, the blogger starter pack,the amateur artist starter pack etc. Well I present to you The minimalist starter pack, a visual, so you know how to curate your wardrobe if you are drawn towards minimalism like I am. The key here is to gravitate towards, whites,blacks,greys nudes,basics and simple cuts,then find ways to mix and’s effortless and you will look chic.Am always buying white and grey tees so I have tonnes and am always looking for more. Every time I go thrift shopping I make sure I come out drowned in neutral tees,Unapologetically so, and the slouchier the better.Lesson here is you can never go wrong with basics and neutrals and minimalism takes the cake.Most of the people I follow on instagram have a minimal aesthetic to their style.My feed is an inspiration every morning.I love it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, drum roll please!!!minimalismminimalismminimalismminimalism


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