IMG_1929-Cues music- am gonna pop some tags only got 20 dollars in my pockeeeeet! When I say the word thrift to my fellow Kenyans the scene that plays out in their heads is usually that of open air spaces, filled with the loudest of voices, vendors shouting, play forcing you to buy their goods, the extremities border on sexual harassment. I even wrote a guide on Thrift shopping in Kenya you can read here.

The above described scenario is what I have gone through for years and still do on occasion-wipes sweaty forehead- until I stumbled upon a little gem in the middle of Mombasa town, off Makadara grounds, I was surprised to find out it had been in existence for the last 3 years albeit under a different name. I usually pass by the area on my way to gobble up a few shawarmas at the Damascus shawarma cart and leave without looking sideways my stomach very pleased. On one such occasion 5 months ago, I noticed the shop one evening with a friend. I would have taken photos of the place but it was too dark and promised myself I would totally do a blog post about it. Long story short, procrastination is a bitch! But here I am 5 months later.

The first thing that drew me to Mtush Posh was a crisp white band tee I saw and wanted. Turns out it was too big for me. The goods have a uniform price of Kes. 500 with everything ranging from Men’s wear on the ground floor section, shirts, t-shirts, jeans, jumpers etc, The ladies’ section sits upstairs accessible through a spiraling staircase. If you have a quirky dress sense or are in search of vintage dresses then look no further ladies. Nothing beats a comfortable and stress free shopping environment and the fact that it comes at a reasonable price is even more amazing. In addition, the customer service is top-notch. A big shout out to the lovely Wonder for answering my questions and letting me take photos. There’s  nothing better than good customer service to loosen your wallet and make you spend more.She also informed me they have another store at Naivas store,  first floor in Nyali, if you are ever in the area pass by and check the store out.

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  1. Oh My! I don’t have to dive into pools of fabric. I don’t have to haggle. I don’t have to bend over. All for 500 bob! I think I just found myself a reason to come to Mombasa Road. Thanks so much for the hook up, You rock! Nice Post too.


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