Image via Pinterest.com

Hello ladies and gentlemen, It’s been a minute, I been ramadhaning, ramadhaniiiiiing…. I prayed for Y’all then I prayed for myself that I would be prosperous enough not to look at a window display,  case and point Miss lady up there wishing upon a star that the items would magically appear in her closet Lol! I believe Allah will come through, patience is key. In the meantime, I will just have to settle on adding items to cart online and then staring at the total price plus shipping then pressing delete or maybe thrifting, there’s always a less expensive alternative.

I was recently online shopping at my favorite accessible site JumiaKenya and came up with a few lust worthy items I would love to own, which you can basically click on the links below to view and shop.


Jolina grid top in black here

Floral asymmetric dress here

Jolina grid top in white here

Daphnea Navy&Maroon pants here

Bestelle perforated patent black brogues here

Sergio Todzi black pumps here

Les Secrets de Vanessa perforated mid heel sandal here

YXTEL-M901 9″ Tablet here

Toshiba Excite Tablet here




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