IMG_1929-Cues music- am gonna pop some tags only got 20 dollars in my pockeeeeet! When I say the word thrift to my fellow Kenyans the scene that plays out in their heads is usually that of open air spaces, filled with the loudest of voices, vendors shouting, play forcing you to buy their goods, the extremities border Continue reading



minimalistYou have heard it all, college student starter pack,immigrant starter pack,toddler starter pack,vegan starter pack, hood rat starter pack, the I just dropped a mix tape starter pack, the independent woman starter pack, the blogger starter pack,the amateur artist starter pack etc. Well I present to you The minimalist starter pack, a visual, Continue reading

Let’s get Liquid!

Fotor_143124559896128.jpg1 Cue music…..I been draynkin’, I been draynkiiiiiiin’….Let’s talk about an alternative way of ingesting those vitamins aka juicing. Am not one for veggies believe me I have tried going green but no thanks! too much work and if I don’t get my dose of protein I go mad. So I made a trip Continue reading