IMG_0703It’s been a while since I did a good ol’ book review which is a shame coz I love to read. Which brings me to the point where I unearth a good excuse…I just don’t get the time which saddens me greatly. You know you are in the Continue reading


Gone girl

fireHas it been that long? I guess so…am not one for excuses but I will cut myself some slack and say, life happened mayyyyne! the past few months trudged on while covering me in debris consisting of paper work,multitasking,late hours,early mornings,less food,more dark circles and covering for a pregnant colleague, Continue reading

child of fortune & the danger of a single story

PicsArt_1410693993273Recently, I, for the gazillionth time, re-watched Chimamanda Ngozi’s Ted talk on the danger of a single story on Youtube. First of all, love her!! so damn eloquent and her literature gives me life! Secondly, she spews words of wisdom that make you restructure your way of thinking. Basically, the talk she gave focused on the Continue reading