Style Muse: Jennifer Lopez in Shades of Blue


Love or hate her, Jennifer Lopez as detective Harlee Santos was the right casting choice, I see you Ryan Seacrest! A round of applause for the wardrobe stylist for the show and specifically Jlo’s wardrobe, gasp I love love everything! plus that hair and make up, simplicity dreams are made of this. I want to be 45 Continue reading



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Hello ladies and gentlemen, It’s been a minute, I been ramadhaning, ramadhaniiiiiing…. I prayed for Y’all then I prayed for myself that I would be prosperous enough Continue reading


IMG_1929-Cues music- am gonna pop some tags only got 20 dollars in my pockeeeeet! When I say the word thrift to my fellow Kenyans the scene that plays out in their heads is usually that of open air spaces, filled with the loudest of voices, vendors shouting, play forcing you to buy their goods, the extremities border Continue reading